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Woven wood shades (commonly referred to as bamboo blinds or matchstick blinds) bring a wonderful natural feeling to a variety of décors. Best Blinds of Myrtle Beach offers these bamboo blinds in a number of different weaves that can provide different degrees of light variability. Different colors/tints are also available.

Woven Wood Shades

  • Woven wood shades from Best Blinds of Myrtle Beach are great for areas that demand natural beauty. They provide great style at a bargain price. Woven wood shades can provide a varying degree of light entrance while giving a room great texture. Bamboo blinds also bring warm feelings to interiors because of their natural look. This type of window covering is very easy to operate.

  • Woven wood shades (Bamboo Blinds) are great for rooms that need privacy or want to block out excessive light. They work well in contemporary or with more traditional décors. No matter what the décor, if you seek to bring texture and natural beauty to a room, Best Blinds of Myrtle Beach’s woven wood shades are an excellent solution.

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